"SSTenergomontazh” increases energy efficiency of systems of industrial electric heating

15.12.2015, 21:06

The “SSTenergomontazh” presented new opportunities of energy efficient protection of equipment from climatic hazards at the annual Forum “Industrial electric heating”.

The 10th International Forum “Industrial electric heating” was taking place in Cyprus on October 4th-6th. The organizer of the Forum was the “SSRenergomontazh” company, the largest engineering center in the field of systems of electric heating and thermal insulation. The information partners of the Forum were the sectoral magazine “Industrial electric heating” and the portal E-heating.ru.

The leading experts in the field of design, installation and maintenance of systems of industrial electric heating took part in the work of the sectoral summit. Among the participants there are directors and specialists of Russian enterprises of Energy Industry, project institutes and engineering companies.

The key topic of the Forum became increase of the energy efficiency of the systems of electric heating. Realization of big infrastructure projects in Russian Energy Industry requires a large number of systems of electric heating and this fact leads to the rise of energy consumption at objects. Specialists of the “SSTenergomontazh” presented several ways of the increase of energy efficiency to a professional society.

The first direction is connected with use of new working outs of the group of companies “SST”. The use of these innovative products reduces costs at the stage of wiring and consumption of electric power in the process of maintenance. Among such novelties are modified versions of systems of inductive-resistive heating (SKIN-system). “Open SKIN” is intended for the heating of plastic pipelines with a difficult process of welding and considerable bends during wiring. An inductance-resistance cable, which is made according to a cable technology and is safely protected, is in the basis of “Flexible SKIN”. Such a heater is produced in large lengths, it has good flexibility and is intended for the heating of all the types of pipelines: land, underground and underwater. The use of new temperature sensors and devices of smooth start in the system of electric heating allows to reduce consumption of energy at the expense of localization of heated areas and control of working hours of heating elements.

The specialists of the “SSTenergomontazh” consider a new line of thermal shielding diaphragms Reform, which are used as extra defense of equipment from corrosion and also as material that increases characteristics thermal insulation systems, as the second driver of the increase of energy efficiency.

One more innovation, which allows to reduce energy costs while extracting petroleum, is a new heating technology, that eliminates asphaltene deposits in oil wells. In this system a unique induct-resistive flexible cable worked out by the group of companies “SST” is used as a heater. During field tests a reduce of energy consumption within 20-30 % was reached with a new technology.

A professional competency of a contractor is an important factor of the increase of energy efficiency of the systems of electric heating  at all the stages of the project realization. The “SSTelectromontazh” company provides a function of integrator, which is responsible at all the stages of the system creation and has all the necessary instruments for the realization of a full construction project. Technological integration with the R&D center and the industrial complex the group of companies give an opportunity of operative customization of all the elements of systems of electric heating. Complex use of all the products of the group of companies “SST” provides real economy for a customer at stages of design, wiring and maintenance. Moreover, the “SSTEnergomontazh” successfully realizes the program of import substitution in the segment of the systems of electric heating for Russian industrial enterprises.

“Today the “SSTenergomontazh” company can provide a complex support of the project in the part of the newest energy-saving insulated materials, correctly designed and installed electric heating, anti-corrosion coating. We are the only Russian company having opportunities to help our clients at all the stages of a life cycle of the systems of electric heating while design, construction and assembly works, service and we are a united center of competencies and responsibility”, said commercial director of the “SSTenergomontazh” Alexander Chirka summing up the results of the Forum.