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18.03.2014 18:20
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In late February, a meeting of suppliers of electrical products was held in Moscow CEOs. Meeting was a landmark event for the Russian electrotechnical market as its main purpose was to develop a joint strategy to combat corruption in the industry and to identify mechanisms of fair competition.

The basis of truly modern and competitive business - is compliance with all legal and ethical standards, fairness and transparency of business relationships – officials of electrical business community say.

Following the meeting , the participants signed an "Agreement on the work on the electrical market ," which refers to fair competition , and to prepare an appeal to the participants of the electrotechnical market .

Get acquainted with the Agreement here.

Appeal to the participants of the electrical market We, distributors of electrical products , gathered together to make our industry  free from corruption .

 We invite all to join our movement for whom are our goal is clear and close , who believes that his business recoilless economy becomes more competitive.

 We guarantee our customers that companies that have signed this agreement will compete only in behalf of the client and whatever unknown to client management system motivation of its employees will be excluded.

Realizing the realities of the Russian market , we realize that not all are ready to support us , so we turn to suppliers and manufacturers of electrical products, share our principles more closely to ethical standards , followed by their partners .

Participants and the heads of companies:

  • АВС-Electro    
  • Minimax
  • Promsvet
  • Russian light 
  • ForumElectro
  • Elevel
  • Electtroset
  • ElectroWorld
  • ETM