Доступен новый выпуск журнала ELECTRA за апрель 2024 года

05.04.2024, 17:45

На сайте издания СИГРЭ ELECTRA доступен новый выпуск журнала за апрель 2024 года.

Журнал доступен бесплатно для членов СИГРЭ или по платной подписке для всех желающих.

Содержание номера:

— Editorial

— Global Connections

  • Unlocking the Potential of Renewables: Navigating the Challenges of Sustainable Grid Integration
  • Condition Criticality and Risk Assessment
  • The Cambrian Explosion of Mobility X

— Technology E2E

  • New Theories and Tools for Structural Resilience in Power Grids
  • Analysis of Integrating Arti cial Intelligence Models in the Operation of the Colombian Electric System

— Global Leadership Perspectives

  • A leader’s role in assessing and managing the performance of team members

— Life of Association

  • New eCIGRE allows enhanced Collective Member user management
  • In Memoriam - Dr. Karl-Heinz Schneider
  • CIGRE International Symposium Trondheim 2025 - Call for papers
  • 2024 Membership Renewal
  • CIGRE Japan - Report of the 2023 CIGRE International Colloquium in Sendai

— Annual Reports

  • SC  B1 > Insulated Cables
  • SC  B2 > Overhead Lines

— Technical Brochures

  • TB 924 WG B1.58 Condition Assessment and Diagnostic Methods to Support Asset Management of MV Cable Networks
  • TB 925 WG C2.39 Operator training in electricity grids at different control levels and for different participants, actors in the new environment
  • TB 926 WG B5.64 Methods for Speci cation of Functional Requirements of Protection, Automation and Control
  • TB 928 WG C4.49 Multi-frequency stability of converter-based modern power systems
  • TB 929 JWG D2/C6.47 Advanced Consumer-Side Energy-Resource Management Systems
  • TB 930 WG B3.49 Review of substation busbar component reliability