Доступен новый выпуск журнала ELECTRA за апрель 2023 года

17.04.2023, 12:48

На сайте издания СИГРЭ ELECTRA доступен новый выпуск журнала за апрель 2023 года.

Журнал доступен бесплатно для членов СИГРЭ или по платной подписке для всех желающих.

Содержание номера:

— Editorial

— Global Connections

  • Challenges in Japan's Power Systems to Achieve Carbon Neutral and Resilient Communities
  • The Future Energy System of Systems
  • Hydrogen developments and opportunities in the MENA region

— Technology E2E

  • A three-terminal LCC-HVDC network upgraded from a point-to-point link in China
  • Evolving power systems, addressing stability needs before it is too late
  • Public participation in project development and the celtic interconnector

— Life of Association

  • CIGRE Greece - Steering Committee and Technical Council Meetings in Athens
  • CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) - The technical magazine of choice
  • In loving memory of our colleague, Christiane Ounissi
  • In Memoriam - Dr Ing. Reinhart Baehr
  • CIGRE Thesis Award: Impedance modeling and stability analysis of grid-interactive converters
  • CIGRE Thesis Award: Integrated Analysis for Cyber-Physical Power Systems
  • Considering the Impacts of Communication Networks
  • CIGRE SEERC - Workshop in Rome
  • A Users Guide to Important Conversations

— Annual Reports

  • SC  B1 > Insulated Cables
  • SC  B2 > Overhead Lines

— Technical Brochures

  • TB 891 WG B5.60 Protection, Automation and Control Architectures with Functionality Independent of Hardware
  • TB 892 WG D2.45 Impacts of governance regulations and constraints on EPU sensitive data distribution and location of data storage
  • TB 893 WG C5.33 Trading Electricity with Blockchain Systems
  • TB 894 WG D1.54 Basic principles and practical methods to measure the AC and DC resistance of conductors of power cables
  • TB 895 WG B3.57 Impact on Engineering and Lifetime Management of Outdoor HV GIS