Доступен новый выпуск журнала ELECTRA за февраль 2023 года

09.02.2023, 12:12

На сайте издания СИГРЭ ELECTRA доступен новый выпуск журнала за февраль 2023 года.

Журнал доступен бесплатно для членов СИГРЭ или по платной подписке для всех желающих.

Содержание номера:

— Editorial

— Global Connections

  • CIGRE Begins its 2nd Century - Finances, Strategy & Membership
  • Cyclones, floods and landslides impact our lives as parents, citizens and professionals working in energy infrastructure, caring for our families and communities
  • The Future Grid of KEPCO

— Technology E2E

  • Energy Still in Transition - The Challenges to Operating Power Systems Still Growing
  • The First MVDC Station Project in Korea

— Life of Association

  • A Note from the New ELECTRA Editorial Board Chair
  • CIGRE International Symposium Muscat 2023
  • My Gains and Feelings in a CIGRE Working Group
  • CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) - The technical magazine of choice
  • In Memoriam – Philippe Quenaudon
  • A diverse and growing community!
  • 2022 outgoing Study Committee Chairs
  • CIGRE US - Update
  • GCC Power 2022 Post Show Report
  • CIGRE Session 2024 - Call for papers

— Annual Reports

  • SC  A1 > Rotating Electrical Machines
  • SC  A2 > Power transformers and reactors
  • SC  A3 > Transmission and distribution equipment
  • SC  D1 > Materials and Emerging Test Techniques
  • SC  D2 > Information systems and telecommunication

— Technical Brochures

  • TB 887 WG A2.55 Life Extension of Oil lled Transformers and Shunt Reactors
  • TB 888 WG D1.50 Atmospheric and altitude correction factors for air gaps and clean insulators
  • TB 889 WG B1.61 Installation of High Voltage (HV) Cable Systems
  • TB 890 WG A1.54 Impact of Cycling on Large Electrical Motors