Доступен новый выпуск журнала ELECTRA за август 2022 года

23.08.2022 17:30
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На сайте издания СИГРЭ ELECTRA доступен новый выпуск журнала за август 2022 года.

Центральная тема этого номера - 49-я Сессия СИГРЭ.

Журнал доступен бесплатно для членов СИГРЭ или по платной подписке для всех желающих.

Содержание номера:

— Editorial

— Global Connections

  • The french wholesale electricity market at the core of energy challenges
  • Energy islands in Denmark
  • Cornerstones of a target market model: TenneT's vision on a future-proof electricity market design

— Technology E2E

  • Reliability of key T&D equipment: Test-laboratory- and eld experience
  • Interdependence and Security of Cyber-Physical Power System
  • Enhancing the infrastructure and operational resilience of power systems against wildres

— Life of Association

  • CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) - The technical magazine of choice
  • New CIGRE Green Book: Power System Assets: Investment, Management, Methods and Practices
  • Women in Energy & CIGRE Brasil - III forum - A Search for Equity and Integration
  • CIGRE New Zealand - Convening a high performance panel with an Agile mindset: Sharing Experiences
  • CIGRE Medal 2022 Recipients
  • CIGRE Fellows 2022 Recipients
  • CIGRE Honorary Members 2022
  • Next Generation Network Signicant Contribution Award 2022
  • CIGRE Women in Energy Award 2022
  • Introducing seven new Study Committee Chairs
  • CIGRE International Women in Energy has a new Chair
  • CIGRE General Assembly 2022 Report
  • CIGRE International Symposium Cairns 2023 - Call for Papers
  • CIGRE International Symposium Muscat 2023 - Call for Papers

— Annual Reports

  • SC C1 > Power system development and economics
  • SC C2 > Power system operation and control

— Technical Brochures

  • TB 872 AG B4.04 Static var compensator/statcom performance survey results – 2017 and 2019
  • TB 873 JWG B4/A3.80 Design, test and application of HVDC circuit breaker
  • TB 874 WG C5.26 Auction Markets and Other Procurement Mechanisms for Demand Response Services
  • TB 875 JWG C6/B4.37 Medium Voltage DC System