Доступен новый выпуск журнала ELECTRA за октябрь 2022 года

10.10.2022, 13:11

На сайте издания СИГРЭ ELECTRA доступен новый выпуск журнала за октябрь 2022 года.

Журнал доступен бесплатно для членов СИГРЭ или по платной подписке для всех желающих.

Содержание номера:

— Editorial

— Global Connections

  • A Climate Ready Power System: Reliable, Resilient and Affordable Decarbonization
  • #energytransition: provoking collaboration across the energy industry
  • Roadmaps to a common destination: Decarbonization of energy systems
  • Utility Scale Battery Storage in the Australian National Electricity Market

— Technology E2E

  • Development of Grid Forming Converters for Secure and Reliable Operation of Future Electricity Systems
  • Development of the electric infrastructure for energy transition: environmental challenges
  • Cable Failure Statistics every 2nd year

— Life of Association

  • CIGRE Survey on strategic issues
  • CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) - The technical magazine of choice
  • Paris Session 2022 - CIGRE Women In Energy
  • The advantage of members sharing data to leverage global networks
  • Brief Account for DEMSEE 2022
  • CIGRE International Symposium Cairns 2023 - Call for Papers
  • 2050, Poem by Themesha Khan

— Annual Reports

  • SC  C3 > Power system environmental performance
  • SC  C4 > Power System Technical Performance
  • SC  C5 > Electricity Markets and Regulation
  • SC  C6 > Active Distribution Systems and Distributed Energy Resources

— Technical Brochures

  • TB 876 WG C3.16 876 - Interactions between Electrical Infrastructure and Wildlife
  • TB 877 WG C5.28 877 - Energy Price Formation in Wholesale Electricity Markets
  • TB 878 WG A1.48 878 - Guidance on high-speed testing of turbo generator rotors
  • TB 879 WG A1.44 879 - Guideline on Testing of Turbo and Hydro Generators
  • TB 880 WG B1.56 880 - Power Cable Rating Examples for Calculation Tool Verication
  • TB 881 WG C4.56 881 - Electromagnetic transient simulation models for large-scale system impact studies in power systems having a high penetration of inverter connected generation