Rosendahl is the Austrian solution for cable manufacturers

12.03.2021 16:00
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Right in the center of Europe lies Rosendahl, the Austrian provider of manufacturing solutions for wire and cable products.

The Austrian headquarter of Rosendahl was established in the early 1970s. Over the decades the company has grown from a small workshop to a highly modern competence center for high precision parts. Since then, Rosendahl has continuously been expanding their product portfolio and also their geographic activities. They have changed from a local machine-producing company to a globally active provider of high-end manufacturing systems and solutions. Today they are both the market and technology leader in their business fields in production lines for LV, MV, HV power cables, automotive wires, fiber optic cables, datacom cables. In addition to regular cable production lines, they also offer manufacturing solutions for steel ropes and explosive products such as shock tubes or blasting wires.

It has always been one of their top priorities to develop and innovate in line with the changing times. Their customers can count on getting the best possible and most efficient, accurate and economic solutions for their specific needs. Their product and process know-how are key to acquire more than just a running production line. If required, they provide a full production concept which is elaborated together with the manufacturer, a tailor-made production, so to say.

At all of their European locations Rosendahl has implemented R&D facilities, with a laboratory and demonstration equipment, so people can see themselves how their technology performs under real-life circumstances. Rosendahl´s mission “Your Success is our Passion” may be easily said, but those who know them have seen and experienced repeatedly that this comes true, no matter how tricky the given task may be. Rosendahl is here for you and they will do their best to allow you to do your best.