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Rosendahl installed a high temp test line at their facility in Austria

10.08.2020 10:40
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It just wouldn’t be Rosendahl Nextrom if they were not continuously implementing some kind of line improvements and conducting laboratory tests. Now especially, they are using their resources and know-how to work on their technology and processes. In this particular case, Rosendahl Nextrom is talking about a flexible insulation test line RD-I designed for processing high-performance plastics and various low-temperature materials. With its 6 integrated extruders, the line can process a wide variety of layer combinations, which makes it extremely flexible for the producer to process a large number of cable variations on one line and can therefore offer a great variety to the market.

The final cable products are usually in medical, aerospace and military technology, as well as in the automotive industry. They are used for oil pump cables, heating cables or for any purposes that require specialty cables of a high-temperature class and with high chemical and mechanical stability.


Possible Layer Combinations:


2-layer in co-extrusion


3-layer with skin–foam–skin (with low-temp-materials)


2-layer in tandem extrusion

or 3-layer with high-temp-materials in co-extrusion and tandem extrusion


Everything integrated into the high-temp-line, such as crossheads, conductor preheating, material drying components etc., are available for testing at our facility. In general, Rosendahl Nextrom does not only provide the equipment, they support customers in advance with our product experience. Thanks to their many years of process experience with fluorine and high-performance plastics, Rosendahl Nextrom can provide valuable support with any process-related questions and prospects.

To summarize, the greatest advantage is certainly the high flexibility of the system! The test line produces cables for a wide range of applications and products thanks to the many extruders and combination options. And above all, Rosendahl Nextrom has a great deal of experience with "special materials", which helps process the ideal cable product in line with the required specifications.


The line can now be seen in Pischelsdorf, Austria. Please visit their website if you would like to receive more information.