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Rosendahl’s local centers for development

27.11.2020 11:14
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Rosendahl is pushing the limits of conventional cable production even further at their own two technology centers in Pischelsdorf, Austria. The first one is dedicated to full production lines and the second one offers in-depth trials with Rosendahl extrusion technology as well as new production equipment and prototypes for their various product segments. This infrastructure has been created to develop all of the processes that are required for efficient cable production together with the RIO smart line control system. Both technology centers are testing areas that provide a space for exclusive line demonstrations. This enables manufacturers to visit and see the performing equipment, even with their own product recipes.

Currently, Rosendahl has set up their RL-R high-speed secondary coating line for dual layer tubes and their RH-W metal tape forming and welding line for HV and EHV cables. These lines are equipped with extensive sensors to understand the results in detail and to further push the final product quality to achieve ideal properties.

At these two technology centers, they are working non-stop to develop all of the processes that will make state-of-the-art cable manufacturing a reality. True to their slogan: Your success is our passion – here for you.

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