Here for you

15.01.2020, 14:10

It feels like Wire 2018 ended just yesterday. And even though time flies, Rosendahl Nextrom has evolved in so many ways since we left Hall 9 almost two years ago.

Commitment, transparency and technological (r)evolutions will be the core topics of Rosendahl and Nextrom’s presentation even more than before. All combined within our fundamental promise “here for you”! Here is a small overview of what you can expect to see at the Rosendahl Nextrom stand during Wire 2020.

The market has once again reached a new level of technology. Digitalization is in full swing in the cable business and sustainability is an ever-present buzzword. As an Austrian and Finnish supplier, whose environmental, technological, safety standards etc. must comply with extremely strict regulations, these developments have become a natural foundation for us to build on. We will demonstrate this during Wire, for instance by means of our Smart Line Control System RIO, coupled with our SmartCall service support.

RoSET (Rosendahl Superior Extrusion Technology) is also a wonderful example of exactly these developments. RoSET is a brand-new solution for MV cable production that uses polypropylene-based compounds, something that has not been commercially available so far and precisely emphasizes the aforementioned developments. Well, now it is officially here for you.

Digitalization is where Nextrom comes into play. Optical fiber production is a segment where the limits are continually pushed towards faster, better, stronger solutions. Our Vantaa-based OVD and VAD preform R&D Center is constantly testing and improving our technology to keep and even boost those limits further. We will reveal which optical fiber performance is possible with Nextrom’s preform technology. Nevertheless, this is a high-tech business field and the benefits can experienced best by attending a live demonstration in Vantaa.

In our opinion, if technological reliability is king, then trust in a business partnership is queen. It is of utmost importance to us to provide both qualities during the entire lifetime of our production technology and even beyond. We are here for you, just as we say.

We will be presenting these and many other topics during Wire 2020. Our team is looking forward to presenting our innovations, network with you and having you as our guest at Wire 2020. Please come visit us at booth #A60 in Hall 9. Find out the latest news, enjoy yourself at our stand and see how we can help you to achieve your goals.