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Increasing bandwidths with core insulation lines from Rosendahl

03.10.2019 16:35
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Using Rosendahl’s Core Insulation Line, various high-speed data cables can be produced. These cables are used in specialty data communication and telecommunications technology. An optimal transfer rate and product stability are an absolute must.

The constant expansion of the worldwide telecommunications network is one of the essential factors for the rising demand of all kinds of data cables. Technologies in this field are developing rapidly. A few years ago, we were talking about transfer rates of a few MHz. Nowadays we have to provide higher GHz ambits.

5G networks within reach

Transfer rates of 5G are not only necessary for surfing the internet or for phoning. In the communication between machines, like in the medicine field for example, the speed of data transfer plays a much more important role. The demand for cables required for these applications is huge and growing steadily.

Smart homes and offices

Nearly every area of a building can be controlled from anywhere by modern sensors. Whether lighting, heating or security cameras. To consume as little space as possible, cables must be highly sensitive and very small at the same time. The Core Insulation Line from Rosendahl was specially developed and has been constantly improved for producing these special products.

Efficient line control

Gas is playing a crucial role in the production of high-speed data cables. Too high or too low gas amounts can have consequences for the process stability and thus on the quality of the product. In combination with Rosendahl’s RIO line control system and the newly developed gas systems, production process will be even more effective.

  • scrap and defective products can be reduced
  • the reproducibility of your products can be increased
  • the flexibility of your lines can be improved

For further information about Rosendahl’s core insulation lines visit the website.