Corning to bring $60M optical cable plant, 110 jobs to greater Charlotte region

20.08.2018, 11:55

Corning Inc. will build an optical cable plant in Hickory and add 110 to its Catawba County workforce, making North Carolina the No. 2 employment center for the company.

Corning, which already has 4,000 employees in North Carolina, will be the first tenant in the new Trivium Corporate Center in southeastern Hickory.

Bernhard Deutsch, vice president and general manager of Corning Optical Fiber and Cable, says Corning needs the additional optical fiber and cable to meet the demands of a more connected world. “Corning is investing in tomorrow’s growth today, as the growing number of connected devices fuels demand for our optical fiber and cable innovations,” Deutsch says.

Acknowledging that Corning already has a large workforce and several operations in Catawba County, Deutsch says the new facility shows Corning’s “commitment to Catawba County and to North Carolina.” Corning this year opened a manufactured cable plant in Newton that winds optical fibers into a cable for high-speed communications.