Доступен новый выпуск журнала "CIGRE Science & Engineering"

04.07.2018 10:31
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В электронной библиотеке E-CIGRE доступен новый выпуск журнала "CIGRE Science & Engineering" за июнь 2018 года.

Содержание выпуска:

  1. Effects of increasing power electronics based technology on power system stability: Performance and operations 
  2. A Review of International industry practices for specification of functional requirements of protection, automation and control
  3. System inertia and Rate of Change of Frequency (RoCoF) with increasing non-synchronous renewable energy penetration
  4. Developing reproducible electrical tree-resistant epoxy nanodielectrics with improved thermal performance
  5. Requirements on solid insulating materials and gas-solid interfaces in compact HVDC gas-insulated systems
  6. Measurement and analysis of Partial Discharges in HVDC gas insulated substations
  7. Atmospheric and altitude correction methods for air gaps and clean insulators corrections for short gaps under DC and application difficulties
  8. Challenges and opportunities with interfaces and materials for HVDC cable systems
  9. Surge and extended overvoltage testing of HVDC cable systems
  10. Reliability on existing HVDC links feedback
  11. Asset management of submarine cables and lessons learned from a repair
  12. Fault location on land and submarine links (AC & DC) 
  13. Partial Discharge testing of defects in dielectric insulation under DC and voltage ripple conditions
  14. Measuring antiresonant voltage converter with open magnetic core for digital transformer

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