First Gulf-made 400kV cable fitted for UAE power project

13.06.2018 08:44
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A UAE project has been fitted with the first set of 400kV power cables manufactured in the Gulf.

The cable circuit, completed two months ahead of schedule, has been used for Abu Dhabi's Taweelah B Power Station, owned by Taweelah Asia Power Company (TAPCO).

Operating at the highest voltage used within the region, the cable circuit has 1,000 times more voltage than a typical home power socket, and has the capacity to power four buildings the size of Burj Khalifa.

The 400kV circuit is a "milestone", according to its production company, Ducab Group.

Commenting on the project, Dale Huntington, managing director of TAPCO, said: "One of the key reasons we awarded this project to Ducab was the challenging timeline, and to complete the project two months ahead of schedule shows the real benefit of having a local supplier."

Ahmad Al Mazrouei, chairman of Ducab, added: "[Our] success is down to excellent team work from all our staff, as well as the client TAPCO, our customer Asia Gulf Power Service Company (AGPS), and our suppliers."

The Taweelah B plant comes under a power and water purchase agreement (PWPA) signed between Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company (ADWEC), and AGPS, before being novated to TAPCO, which will manage the sale of power and water produced by the plant, as agreed under the PWPA, according to TAPCO.