High-temp materials for aerospace, military or medical applications

16.02.2018, 17:36

PEEK and X-ETFE are just two of the many materials we can mention when it comes to special material cables. And special materials have special requirements for the cable production process.

Our process and product know-how have helped to further adjust and improve our cable making machines in order to secure the material’s properties. We have, for example, extended our portfolio to include high-temperature crossheads that are remarkable due to their highest degree of centricity and perfect material flow. But not only the extrusion crosshead plays a big role: it takes all the line components, from pay-off, extruder, double reeler and take-up, to support the utmost product quality.

Also, the size of the line components have been adjusted. The trend shows that cable products are getting smaller in size, but more demanding regarding specifications. Therefore, these cable machines have been set up specifically for small wires. We generally offer lines for a wide product range of up to AWG50 or 95 mm².

The RD-I line is also a combination of high-temp and low-temp on one line for PE material and fluor polymer foaming, which means that a lot of our development activities have been invested in our new gas injection system. It is designed for both solid and foamed processes in one solution. No change needed! The gas flow control system optimizes scrap, has a faster start-up procedure and keeps the process stable.