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HENGTONG delivers 3000km submarine optical cable to Chile, with a ceremony to celebrate overseas 10,000km delivery

28.12.2018 11:10
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In November 2018, we held the "HENGTONG Overseas 10,000km Submarine Optical Cable Delivery Ceremony" in Changshu, Jiangsu Province celebrating HENGTONG’s success in manufacturing and delivering nearly 3,000km submarine optical cable to Chile FOA Project and achieving cumulative overseas deliveries of 10,000km submarine optical cable, ranking us first in the world in both capacity and delivery to the domestic submarine optical cable market. This is a milestone in China's submarine cable industry, and highlights the "made in China" in the field of international oceanic communications.

On November 26, HENGTONG also released a number of new products including submarine equipment fitting stations, a stereo intelligent anchor observation system, two-stage composite cables for application to marine disasters prevention pre-warning networks, an environmental monitoring system for port and wharf, as well as underwater oil and gas production and monitoring system, demonstrating HENGTONG’s technology, quality, production and delivery capability.

To realize the global connection, submarine cable plays a critical role in global ocean communication and energy interconnection similar to the human central nervous system. As a global leading communications and power cable service provider, HENGTONG is committed to developing and integrating marine communications and power transmission technologies and systems. In the past five years, HENGTONG has built a global-leading submarine optical cable R&D production base including a system integration, testing center, and a dock cabling system, developing to be one of the leading submarine optical cable companies both at home and abroad.

Qian Jianlin, Executive President of HENGTONG GROUP, stated that “HENTONG was committed to creating a submarine industry supply chain of integrating product, engineering and operation service to promote the implementation of the "one Belt and one Road" initiative and contribute to global connection.”