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CMI begins commercial production at cables plant in Baddi

17.04.2016 23:13
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Specialty cables maker CMI Limited has commenced commercial production at its new facility at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. This facility, built with a total capex of Rs 150 crore, is a part of the recently acquired General Cable Energy Private Limited, which is in the process of being merged with CMI Limited.
CMI Limited expects to add Rs 1000 crores in capacity, with the commencement of this facility. In the next 3 years, the company expects to optimally utilise the additional capacity. The commercial production at the facility has begun in a record time of 50 days, post-acquisition.
“With the commencement of production at the state of the art manufacturing facility in Baddi, CMI Limited has now become one of the few players in India which has the capability of manufacturing specialty cables for wide ranging sectors, meeting stringent quality and test parameters for extreme condition usage. This facility will also help in import substitution of a wide variety of specialty cables,” said Amit Jain, managing director, CMI Limited.
The new facility complements the product offerings already manufactured by CMI, bringing it to the select league of companies in India to offer comprehensive product basket to its customers. The new facility can also manufacture all types of cables that are currently being manufactured by CMI.
The manufacturing facility is spread over an area of 80,000 sq meters. It is a certified Green Building with all modern manufacturing facilities and machineries to manufacture various types of cables. Plant is designed to reduce waste, pollution, and environmental degradation with an energy efficiency of 20-30 percent as compared to other plants of similar size.

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