Belgian TSO Elia upgrades Zandvliet–Doel line under Brabo Project

21.11.2016, 11:46

Belgian transmission system operator (TSO) Elia has upgraded the existing 150 kV line between Belgium’s Zandvliet and Doel to a 380 kV line, and has also installed an additional phase-shifting transformer in Zandvliet on the border with the Netherlands.

The works are part of the Brabo project aimed at to enhancing the security of supply in Belgium, especially around the port of Antwerp.

The two-part Brabo project is expected to shore up the high voltage grid and consolidate security of supply for both the port of Antwerp, and Belgium as a whole. Further, the major benefits of the project include improvement in supply capacity to cope with growing electricity consumption in the port of Antwerp and upgradation of the north-south axis of the international European interconnection grid, to improve international trade opportunities and reduce reliance on the country’s generating facilities.

In addition to the recently competed works, the first part entails construction of a new 380 kV line between the high voltage substations at Zandvliet (near BASF) and Lillo (near the Liefkenshoek tunnel) to replace the existing 150 kV line. Works on this section of the project are currently underway and are expected to be completed by 2020. When completed, the first part of the project will form a 380 kV ring around the Port of Antwerp.

Part two of the project entails upgradation of the existing 19-km-long, 150 kV line connecting Liefkenshoek (municipality of Beveren), via the Kallo substation (municipality of Beveren) to the Mercator substation (municipality of Kruibeke) to 380 kV voltage levels. Building permit works on this part of the project have been scheduled for 2023.

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