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Actual questions will be raised on September 30th in the congress center Technopolis Moscow

20.09.2015 22:41
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An industrial information partner. The portal RusCable.Ru, invites specialists to take part in the unique business event- “Electrotechnical forum ETM”. The forum will take place on September 30th 2015 in the Congress center Technopolis Moscow. The organizer is the company ETM, a professional distributor of electrical engineering on the whole territory of Russia.

The last novelties of electrical engineering will be represented by the leading Russian and foreign producers. More than 50 leading producers are going to take part in the Moscow Forum. Among them are Schneider Electric, ABB. Legrand, DKC, Light Technologies, IEK and others. You can get acquainted with the whole list of participants on the site of the forum. The electrotechnical forum ETM has been going for 3 years in 11 largest cities in Russia. Right here specialists in the field of electrical engineering will be able to answer a lot of questions and sometimes give ready solutions.

We are going to carry out more than 30 seminars and master classes at the forum. We will touch upon actual questions: import substitution, energy efficiency and anticorruption policy at the electrical engineering market . A detailed business program is on the site.

Visitors will be shown an information service ETM iPRO-  united information territory for the all participants of the electrical engineering market: producers, ETM, customers.

The opening of the forum will be at 10 am on September 30th in the congress center Technopolis Moscow (the Volgogradsky Prospect, 42, building 5, gatekeeper's office 3A).

The enter is free if you have passed registration on the site: www.electricforum.ru.

If you have any questions on participation, you can ask the organizers: the coordinator of the event is Elena Malisheva +7(495)783-83-08

The ELECTROTECHNICAL FORUM is a forum of the company ETM for the professionals of the electrical engineering market, the territory for a dialogue of the leading PRODUCERS of electrotechnical products and CLIENTS from different industries.

The official hashtags of the event are #электрофорумэтм #электротехническийфорумэтм
The official site of the company ETM is www.etm.ru