Importer of the year-2015

02.09.2015, 21:20

Based on the finance and economics indexes of enterprises' activity, the international rating Union of National business ratings singles out the best enterprises and organizations and gives each of them a place in the Rating “Exporter/ Importer”.

According to the results of 2013-2014 and taking into consideration the sum of places of 4 indexes of foreign economic activity, the company Lapp Group Russia took the 2nd place in the top 50 among importers of the Russian Federation (trade group 854449) and entered “gold of the rating” with the title “Importer of the year 2015”.

Last year the company took the 7th place and it means that the chosen way of development is right and efficient and Lapp Group works cohesively while offering clients an individual approach. That is why the results are reliable and decisions are precise in view of your needs.