"Bascom" and "Siemens" plan to localize production of electric equipment in Bashkortostan

23.03.2015, 3:09

On February 12 in Berlin "Bashkir Power Grid Company" and "Siemens AG" concluded a cooperation agreement. The signing ceremony was attended by Minister of Industry and Innovation Policy of the Republic of Bashkortostan Aleksey Karpuhin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Bascom" Felix Yevtushenkov, CEO of "Bascom" Andrey Makarov and Head of "Energy Management", "Siemens" Yang Mrozik.

The parties intend to localize production of electric equipment of the company "Siemens" in the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The document provides for the possibility of producing innovative and modern products for electrical networks, the relevant Russian standards. The project will use a set of domestic production. Partners also announced the possibility of achieving the maximum level of localization for five years.

In addition to the Cooperation Agreement signed a five-year framework agreement for the supply of components and an order to supply the first batch of components "Siemens", which will be used of "Bascom" in the production of equipment on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan in April 2015. The decision on the development of cooperation between the companies, including made in connection with the project for the implementation of intelligent networks (Smart Grid) in Bashkortostan. The organizations own production allows JSC "Bascom" to reduce the project capital investment, and create a center of competence in the country for subsequent replication technology of intelligent networks in other regions of the Russian Federation.

Partners already have experience of cooperation. In 2013, between the "Bascom" and "Siemens" an agreement on cooperation in the development and implementation of the comprehensive modernization of the electric grid complex of Ufa was signed. This project is being successfully implemented: currently completed modernization of electrical networks in the pilot district capital of Bashkortostan with the use of elements of Smart Grid, is a projection reconstruction of the network infrastructure in general throughout the city of Ufa. A similar project is being prepared for the Bashkir city Kumertau.