Going to become a power engineer

19.03.2014, 22:22

On 6 and 7 February 2014 at the Training Center in the Moscow office of ABB in Russia a meeting with representatives of the leadership of leading national technical universities was held. The event was attended by representatives of the Novosibirsk State Technical University ( NSTU) , the South-Russian State University ( SRSTU ) , St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University ( STU ) and the National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute ( MEI NRU ).

The last 10 years ABB has developed in these four universities consultation and training center providing equipment for the learning process , helping with technical books and other teaching materials . It's time to look at the results of this work , summarize and consider the following steps to mutually beneficial cooperation.

NSTU representatives suggested that universities should get the basic provision through courses of improving qualification . One of the reasons of young professionals incompetence is lack of practical knowledge related to the absenceof modern and quality equipment in some universities. Its acquisition costs are quite high , and even leading universities can not always afford such large-scale investments .
On January 30, 2014 at the Department of the automated electric ( AEP ) NRU MEI consultation and training center was opened, where students are engaged with pleasure. The laboratory is equipped with variable frequency AC motor drive , including the latest drive ACS880, only recently released to the Russian market , as well as adjustable DC drives , modern means of registration processes, etc.

" Students of AEDs will perform laboratory work in the new center on the second week of the spring- summer semester. Since September, the students will come here to engage in twelve specialties - said Alexey Anuchin . - We replaced the equipment that has been used in the laboratory for more than 30 years. Now we have new modern appliances, that are interesting for work . Excellent measuring tools allow to examine in detail the processes that the lectures show in the drawings and diagrams. With the help of equipment we can carry out experiments that have been presented so far only in books . It is now possible to test them in practice. In addition , it is important that students gather schemes in this setting , just as they would do in production . "

All those present at the meeting agreed to experts on real hardware practice, and not on " toy " stands of the introduction of modern technologies in the Russian enterprises . Students do not have to be retrained in the production - they will be carriers of innovative solutions .
" ABB pays great attention to cooperation with universities and the creation of a modern laboratory facilities, - said Anatoly Popov, the President of ABB in the Russian Federation . - We interact with more than 70 universities around the world. ABB invests $ 1.4 billion annually in global research and development. "

In addition to developing students' practical skills and specialists , ABB aims to expand the theoretical framework . To do this, the company's representatives regularly organize various training activities : lectures, seminars, "round tables" . However , according to employees of the Group , the organization of the educational process should still remain the responsibility of universities. "Our task -is to develop the activity of universities in terms of organization of laboratories , research and advisory centers . We need to understand the capabilities of high school, and university authorities , in turn, we must see what we can offer them. The new lab at MEI -is a very successful and demonstrative project . I hope this experience will encourage others to intensify and universities "- summed Ryabchitsky Maxim , head of ABB Training Center .