Conference results of the "Import substitution in the cable industry"

10.12.2014 10:22
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The first conference "Import substitution in the cable industry" was held on December 3, 2014, in the framework of the international specialized exhibition "Electrical Networks of Russia" supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Committee of the State Duma on Energy.
The event was organized by media holding "RusKabel" and Internet portal RusCable.Ru with the "Cable Industry" of the Consultative Council expert section, by the Energy  Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee.
In the context of current realities, import substitution is the basic course of modernization of the Russian economy, which affects the entire industrial sector and also includes a strategically important area as a cable subsector.
Thus, "Import substitution in the cable industry" conference has become the first practical event in a way of  industrial policy development, aimed to protect domestic producer by replacement of cable-wire products with its components on domestic production goods.
Subsequently, a meeting on the issue of import substitution in the cable industry was held on December 12 in the Ministry of Industry.
Oleg Tokarev, the Department Deputy Director, outlined a vision of the ministry in the issue and suggested the audience to specify the positions that were taken into account as part of the final document of the conference:
"Leaders of the Department were informed and not disregard those problems that were announced on the event. In this vein, the Ministry of Industry is ready to take on the role of the federal executive body that will defend the rights and interests of Russian producers of PPC. But it is necessary to identify the most critical points of in the cable sub-sector at an early stage to determine the exact mechanisms of interaction."
Participants of the meeting also touched upon the main issues related to the various state support measures for domestic producers checkpoint.
After listening the audience, Oleg Tokarev emphasized that in the short term the relation topic with steelmakers will be considered separately. Returning to the issue of import substitution, he formulated the main points that were raised at the meeting and expressed the idea of a separate program forming of import substitution in the cable industry, which will be discussed within the Industry and Trade.