JSC "Moscow United Electric Grid" received a unique electric measurement laboratory

02.09.2013, 21:15

Moscow United Electric Grid Company expands its special equipment. In late August, a branch of Moscow Cable Network (ICN) received a unique measurement laboratory,based on electric vehicle Ford. The laboratory is designed to define fault location of cable line in the conditions of metropolis. Today the United Electric Grid  is the only network company in Russia, where a laboratory equipment is used.

Laboratory equipment meets the technical requirements that are applied during the operation. "The ISS constantly receives new equipment according to the schedule. Laboratory based on electric car is not a fashion trend, but the next step on the path of increasing MOESK electro mobiles Park - said the deputy head of the insulation and measurement Vitaly Hudaleev. - We do know the technical characteristics of this technique. At the same time, the standard equipment allows to form a  laboratory staff and immediately turn it into a job. "

Developed in the United Electric Grid and ICS, the network of filling stations for electric vehicles can reduce operating transport costs. The company is sure of the reliability of electric vehicles, so they expect that after the first laboratory others will start to operate.

For several years "Moscow United Electric Grid Company"  has been the leader in the use of electric transport for production purposes. United Electric Grid Company received a patent for the charging station for electric vehicles, set up in the framework of the project "Moscow United Electric Grid-EV». It provides a simple and convenient charging of electric vehicles, and also gives detailed information to users about the charging process. Network of charging stations built on the basis of such equipment will not only serve for charging electric vehicles, but also help the energy sector to maintain optimal operation of the power system at a mass introduction of electric vehicles. This is not the only innovation that is associated with electric vehicles. The company has already got a patent for a software system for managing the technological charging stations capable of providing centralized intelligent network management EZS.