"Moscow United Electric Grid" will send more than 2 billion rubles ( 60 million $) to update the distribution networks in the south suburbs

20.11.2013, 21:11

JSC " Moscow United Electric Grid " realizes the task of keeping up to date the technical state of distribution networks : to use wires of brands SIP-2 to 0.4 kV networks and SIP-3 to 6 lines -10 kV insulated instead of traditional air lines ( AL) with bare wires. Upgrading and construction of these lines are maintained as part of the investment program and the grid connection.

Now the southern branch of JSC " Moscow United Electric Grid " was replaced about 460 km of wire by self -2 and STS -3 (75 % of the plan year).
Due to its constructive features the use of CIP wire -type has greatly improved the reliability of power supply , the overall reduction in power losses in transmission lines and operating and maintenance costs, which in turn determines the high cost-effectiveness of their use in distribution networks .

Until the end of the year the expansion and modernization of distribution networks 0.4-6-10 kV in the south suburbs Moscow United Electric Grid will count over 2 billion rubles. The investment program sees works with more than 7 million objects under responsibility of the Southern Electric Networks . The greatest amount of work is done in Podolsk , Serpukhov and Ramenskoye areas. At present time 342 km are already built and more than 486 km of transmission lines are rehabilitated.

All these activities are aimed at improving of the quality and reliability of electricity supply in the Moscow region .